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Grooper is the world’s only unified software platform that transforms documents, extracts and normalizes content and information, and accelerates business insight.

According to a recent study, more than 80% of all data is dark and unstructured.

That same study estimates that number will rise to 93% by 2020. Nearly all our data will become dark, trapped, unstructured…meaning we are only relying on less than 10% of our knowledge, analytics and information in order to drive business!

Access to your company’s dark data and making it actionable is the key to:

  • Growing revenue and customers
  • Saving time and money
  • Improving organizational efficiency
  • Guaranteeing the long-term viability of your organization
  • Building customer and client trust
  • Being a more proactive business

CIO Magazine describes dark data as ‘vast pools of untapped, largely unprotected data’ which pose a myriad of risks to large organizations.

Grooper exposes the dark data trapped inside your organization’s unstructured content and enables you to use it!

Grooper Industries

About Us

Grooper is an innovative, unified software platform developed by BIS, the nation’s leading full-service information technology provider and integrator of high-quality document and data management systems. BIS was founded in 1986 and maintains one of the most diverse and trusted portfolios in the industry.

Headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, BIS has offices in Dallas, Tulsa, New Orleans and Birmingham. In 2016, Grooper was recognized by EMC (now Dell EMC) as Best Value Office Solution for Excellence and Innovation and by The Journal Record Publishing Company as Oklahoma’s Innovator of the Year.

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Today's Technology For Tomorow's Businesses

Grooper is the smartest way to help your business capture, index, classify, normalize, extract and use your organization’s vital data.

Grooper is all-new and designed from the ground up to be highly agile, capable and efficient. Gone are the days where you’ll be “taxed” for expensive add-ons to simply have your software perform the way it was sold to you.

Get the ROI you were promised. In today’s environment, information and agility are more critical than ever! With Grooper, you’ll empower your organization and make informed decisions because your data is now usable and actionable.

So with so much data already trapped combined with the rapid rise in the amount of data produced, what solutions are out there to help your organization gain access to your data, index it, normalize it…and make it useful to you?

Grooper is the world’s only unified software platform that transforms your documents and normalizes data to accelerate business insight.

Grooper is built using today’s modern technology to revolutionize machine understanding of document information – regardless of the format in which it resides – providing you with unparalleled access to the business information contained inside your organization.

Free your data and schedule a complimentary Grooper demo or learn more about this latest innovation from BIS.

Call a BIS Account Executive today at 405-507-7000 or email info@bisokcom

Empowerment Through Seamless Functionality

With Grooper, you will drastically improve the data capture and information processing cycle while reducing your overall system cost of ownership.

100% platform capability – out of the box!

  • Advanced Extraction
  • Auto Learning
  • File Normalization
  • Image Enhancement Architecture
  • All Import/Export Processes
  • Redaction / Data De-identification
  • Remote Capture
  • Reporting
  • Enterprise Architechture
  • Test Environment

A simple software licensing structure means Grooper provides all of its capabilities without add-on modules.

  • Eliminates unnecessary customization
  • Meet business objectives in less time
  • Increased throughput

Universal Document Interchange

In another shift from industry norms, Grooper provides bi-directional document interchange with all major enterprise content silos. Documents can be input from or exported to any of 40+ enterprise content management systems, 30+ e-mail server platforms and virtually any type of file server.

With Grooper, you can perform such tasks as:

  • Import electronic documents from any enterprise content management system (ECM) and perform image clean-up, reorient old scans, index and classify documents, address sensitive security issues, identify information and redact, migrate documents from one system to another, automate processes such as accounts payable and work orders.
  • Import documents from any email provider and access the information contained in your company’s existing or obsolete email server(s). Imagine being able to easily access and search emails and their attachments from previous employees and pull them into your existing content management system to help existing or future clients and customers.
  • Access files from any file system directory and filter based on size, path or filename or identify files on a network and perform tasks on them such as redacting personal identifiable information.

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